Neighbourhood Studies Literature in Turkey: An Evaluation in the Context of Istanbul

In this study, it will be attempted to evaluate the neighbourhood or district studies literature in Turkey with the main lines through monographs and theses onIstanbul districts. In the light of the examinations made using two current lists titled “Istanbul Neighbourhood Monographs” and “Istanbul NeighbourhoodTheses”, The historical development of the neighbourhood literature in Turkey, which themes come to the fore in which periods, what are the prominent concepts and themes in the literature, and from which disciplines the neighbourhood studies are inspired will be discussed. The literature, pioneered by neighbourhoodmonographs, the first examples of which date back to the Late Ottoman Period, cannot be considered independently of urban studies. As a field where manydisciplines such as history, sociology, architecture, politics, urban planning, and population studies intersect, we can talk about a large amount of research and examination accumulation that can be gathered under the heading of “urban studies”. Neighbourhood studies, on the other hand, have yielded products for many years and, apart from neighbourhood monographs, have received intense attention from the academy, especially after 1990, and although it has not yet turned into an independent field from urban studies, it has gained a feature that allows categorical classifications with its considerable amount and various thematic emphases. With this study, the general framework of the literature will be described.

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